Saturday, 1 December 2012

Our Advent Calender Project

Marleymooo Creations has been a little quiet these last 2 months as we are busy creating and sewing up new products to add to our little collection. We are also working out what markets we will be attending in 2013, details to come. Don't forget if you would like to purchase any of our products which are great as stocking fillers, let me know via my facebook page

In the mean time I thought I will keep you posted on a little project that our household has decided to take part in for the festive season. My husband and I decided this would be a good year to start teaching Missy Mooo the art of giving, so why not do this as our Advent calender. ( I also got the idea off a blogger who did this but more extensively, still a great idea for when Missy Mooo is older)
I made our "Giving" project simple for Missy Mooo to get the idea and gist of giving to others. She has really gotten into it and understands what is going on.

Day 1: Yesterday we ventured out the shops to look for more decorations for our house. We took with us 4 candy canes to give out whilst we were there.

Our 1st receiver was our real estate agent Les (we had open house).
2nd receiver - the guy who made Missy Mooo's juice at Boost Juice.
3rd receiver - a young girl at Osmosis. Missy Mooo needed new thongs, didn't realise how picky she is over designs.
and our 4th receiver was a lady at Kmart, who was very surprised and kissed and hugged Missy Mooo as thanks.

Each one of our receiver's were very grateful and very polite. How could you not be when a 3yrs old hands you a candy cane with a big cheesy smile and saying "this is for you, it's Christmas. Merry Christmas" (Mum's proud moment).

Maybe you will be a receiver from our Advent project. This has made Christmas even more exciting, although we already love the festive season in our household. It's all about Christmas this month!!!!

Is there anything traditional or a project you are doing in the lead up to Christmas???

1 day down, 23 to go............



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