Monday, 18 June 2012

I have been blogged.....

The wonderful Sugar & Spice Children's Market have blogged a special feature on Marleymooo Creations. So excited!!

Have a read....

Sneak Peek........

Introducing "E's" Girlie Pouch to the range of creations.

Inspired by my little sister "E", I designed E's girlie pouch with the intention to place all your girlie needs into one little pouch, safe and contained.

20.00 each. *Please note all pouches come empty*
Delivery and postage not included (additional $6.60, postage maybe a little more for multiple items)
Made from Cotton and Lining
Delicate Hand wash or spot clean only in warm water


A place devoted to sale

I have finally taken the plunge and decided to start selling at markets. So my first one is on Sunday 22nd July at the Sugar & Spice Childrens Market in Woodend.

The thought of doing my very first market is a mixture of excitement and being very nervous. It has also started my creative juices flowing again in my brain, thinking about;
How will I design my stall?
How will I market my business name?
How will I stand out?
How much money do you take for a float?
Do I take pre-paid orders?
How much stock do you take with you?
So many questions............and so the research and preparation begins.

I am thinking, simple but eye catching. Inviting and neat. Hand made and most importantly keeping it very true to Marleymooo Creations.
Have I got you hooked yet on what the outcome will be?

You will just have to come along to the market and see my market stall for yourself and assure you I will not disappoint you. (fingers crossed) Put it in you diaries for
Sunday 22nd July, 9am-1pm at Ambrose Hall Woodend.
I hope to see you there. xoxo

For other new market stall holders out there with similar questions, I found both these websites very useful