Saturday, 14 January 2012

Layers of beautiful fabric....

I am slowly getting back into the groove of things now that the holidays are over and I have been busy buying all sorts of beautiful fabrics and ribbon. As you can see I love shopping for fabric!!

I cannot wait to share all my finished products with you very soon. In the meantime I will be keeping busy to get these finished.

With Love
Fab xoxo

Friday, 6 January 2012


I ended 2011 reflecting on what a year it had been. There was plenty of laughter, happiness and memorable moments. I made many life changing decisions, focused on my beautiful little family of three and welcomed many of new lives into the world. So now I say cheerio to the year that was and a big hello to 2012.

It will be only fitting that I start the year off by introducing my new business Marleymooo Creations and say a big welcome to you the reader and a big thank you for following.

Welcome to Marleymooo  Creations.
I am sure you are very intrigued as to what Marleymooo Creations is going to sell so here's a little background of how she came to be....
As a teenager I had always been crafty, had a knack for sewing and loved feeding my artistic side but it wasn't until the birth of my little munchkin that I finally started to use all that I learnt and began to make use of it all. I started by making little munchkin some bibs then dresses then blankets and the list goes on. When my friends and family started to have babies I started making my gifts and the reaction, compliments and the great support of my hubby made me finally take the plunge to start selling what I love to make.
"Action is the foundational key to all success."Pablo Picasso

So this is Marleymooo Creations, selling handmade children's goods and all made with love.

Like any new business I am still in the NEW stages and am just starting to launch off. I should be up and running by the end of January. I will keep you posted along the way and will definitely have pictures posted up soon of the products I will be selling so stay tuned.....

with love......
Fab xoxo